Shipping Containers Storage Solution

Why We Provide The Best Storage Solutions

Are you tired of constantly battling clutter in your home, or struggling to find reliable storage solutions for your business? The regions surrounding us here in South-East Queensland are known for its diverse range of industries and rapidly growing population.

With this growth comes an increased demand for effective storage solutions, and shipping containers have emerged as the go-to choice for many of reasons. Let’s explore a few benefits of using one of Cavalier Containers’ self-storage containers for your needs.

Incomparable Versatility

Shipping containers are like blank canvases waiting for your unique needs. In South-East Queensland, where industries vary from agriculture and construction to hospitality and e-commerce, containers are an ideal match.

Our 20ft shipping containers are available in both standard and high cube sizes, to provide you with ample space to store furniture, equipment, merchandise, or supplies while accommodating even the tallest or bulkier items.

For hospitality and e-commerce businesses in the region, these containers can be transformed into pop-up stores, outdoor bars, or additional inventory storage spaces, offering an attractive and cost-effective way to expand your operations.

Protection Against the Elements

Living in a region with such climatic diversity, it’s crucial to have storage solutions that can endure it all. This region is known for turbulent weather, from torrential rains to scorching sun and even occasional cyclones. Shipping containers are built to handle these drastic conditions.

Their robust construction, made to withstand rigorous conditions, but also keeps buys and pets away, ensuring your belongings are safe and sound while in storage. The containers are also corrosion-resistant, perfect for the coastal region.

Each of our shipping containers units comes with composite bamboo flooring with concrete hardstands, making it much stronger and more durable.

Additionally, our storage facility also features multiple vents within each unit, perfect for the Queensland climate.

Affordable Self-Storage

The growing costs of real estate and commercial space in South-East Queensland makes storage a premium. Especially in areas like Brisbane, storage costs tend to quickly add up. Shipping containers offer a cost-effective solution, especially for small businesses and families.

There are also significantly lower maintenance costs involved with shipping container storage. We can provide you with extra space, allowing you the option of safe and secure storage without breaking the bank.

Safe Storage Facility

Certainly, safety would be the top concern for anyone looking for storage solutions. Whether you’re storing personal belongings or valuable business equipment, you can rest assured that it will be safe in our facility. Safety begins at the unit level with the inclusion of a dedicated lockbox for each unit. Your belongings remain secure and inaccessible to anyone but you. The single-handle, easy-opening doors to each unit ensure convenient access while maintaining security.

Additionally, the self storage facility itself maintains strict safety precautions. Our fully fenced yard, complete with a security gate, ensures that only authorised personnel can access the premises. We have attendants on site from 9AM to 5PM on the weekday and security cameras operational every day, round the clock. With a generous storage capacity of 33m3 (approximately equivalent to the volume of a large U-Haul truck), you’ll have ample space to safely store whatever you need. If you choose us, rest assured, as you are choosing the highest standard of safety for your belongings in storage.

Convenience at Your Doorstep

In an area known for its bustling lifestyle, convenience is key, and we understand that your need for additional storage can be urgent. Whether you’re a business owner who needs to respond quickly to market demands or a homeowner looking to declutter without delay, our fast and efficient delivery services are designed with your convenience in mind. You can expect a level of ease and accessibility that will transform the way you approach storage.

We are fortunate to provide local residents and businesses with access to a reliable and adaptable storage solution with our shipping containers. These versatile structures offer the perfect answer to a wide range of storage and operational needs, all while being safe and cost-effective. The advantages are clear, making shipping containers the best storage solution for the dynamic and diverse southeast regions of Queensland.

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